Oil Free Scroll Pump GWSP75

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Working principle:

GWSP oil free scroll vacuum pump is constructed with pump head assembly, crank pin assembly, bracket assembly, air flush assembly, and exhaust valve assembly. Two spiral cylinders, one offset and orbiting against the other fixed with an offset of 180° to form several crescent-shaped pockets of different sizes. By means of an eccentric drive, the orbiting scroll is made to orbit about the fixed scroll, reducing the volume of the pockets and compressing gas from outside towards the inside thereby pumping the gas from vacuum chamber.


GWSP75: Oil Free Scroll, Pump Displacement: 3.6m³/h, Ultimate Pressure: ≤ 8.0x10¯²mbar,


Safety Precautions:
The GWSP series oil free scroll vacuum pumps are suitable for clean processes only. Do not pump toxic, explosive, flammable or corrosive substances or substances which contain chemicals, solvents or particles. GEOWELL will not perform maintenance work on pumps which have used special gases or other hazardous substances. Be sure the inlet gas temperature must be lower than 122 °F

Oil Free Scroll, Pump Displacement: 3.6m³/h, Ultimate Pressure: ≤ 8.0x10¯²mbar, Inlet Flange: KF25, Exhaust Flange: KF16, Noise Level: 57dB, Power: 220-230VAC (50Hz), Supplied with UK plug.


Features and Benefits:

No oil clean vacuum, No oil back-diffusion, no oil mist exhaust, provide clean vacuum environment Wide product lineup 3 Pumping speed covers 3~60 m /h, limited vacuum level 1~8 Pa Suitable for all type of power supply around the world 110/220/380/460V, 50/60Hz for choose Low vibration, low noise 57~63 dB(A), smooth operation High efficiency, ease of maintenance No water cooled, no oil lubricated, no daily maintenance



Semiconductor industry - Vacuum sputtering machine. IC plasma cleaning machine. IC plasma polishing machine. IC packaging machine. IC transmission chamber.

Photoelectric industry - LED vacuum annealing furnace. Load lock/transfer chambers. Glove box. LED packaging machine. Liquid crystal injection and packaging.

Material industry - Vacuum annealing furnace. Vacuum diffusion oven. 3D metal printing. Single crystal growth furnace. Microwave cleaning and microwave drying machine. E-beam/Laser melting. Vacuum degassing. Vacuum gas substitution.

Food and drug industry - Freezing dry. Vacuum storage.

Medical equipment - Low temperature plasma sterilizer. Vacuum storage. Dental equipment.

Energy industry - SF6 Gas recovery machine. Lithium battery drying and packaging machine.

Analyzing instrument and device - Spectroscopy/scanning electron microscopy Space environment simulation machine Helium Leak detector Mass spectrometer Cryopump regeneration Accelerators/synchrotrons.

Vacuum equipment - Oil free ultrahigh vacuum unit Oil free vacuum unit.

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