Pack of 10 Crystals (PE102-04)

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Pack of 10 Crystals (PE102-04)
Our crystals are accurately lapped and contoured having quality electrodes and precision frequency control. Crystals are packed in a cleanroom safe carousel dispenser which allows direct loading without use of tweezers. Clear cover enables visible count of usage. No unwrapping or uncertainty. Helps to minimise accidental dropping or crystals breaking. Uses: Quartz sensor crystals are a consumable item used in thin film deposition monitors and controllers. These measure the rate of deposition and thickness deposited of thin films in vacuum coating applications. How they work: They consist of a thin quartz crystal with metal electrodes on one or both sides. The crystals are piezoelectric and oscillate at a known frequency when a voltage is applied across the faces. As material is deposited onto the surface of the crystal this frequency changes. The rate of change and amplitude of the frequency shift is used to calculate the thickness of the material deposited and the rate of deposition. A full selection of Electrode material are available: Gold, Silver, Alloy. Part Number: PE102-04
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