3D Printed Carbon Fibre Parts On A Mini Electric Pacesetter

Carbon Fibre Printed Spoiler's Using S&A Water Chillers

Well this is something a bit eye-catching, isn't it?

Yes, the Mini Electric Pacesetter inspired by JCW, but also one of the biggest 3D Printers in the UK!

This Formula E Safety car, 130kg lighter than the standard Mini Cooper SE version, was premiered at the Rome E-Prix back in April last year. But what is the significance of this and our company we hear you ask?

Challenged by #MINI, Distributed Additive Manufacturing (DAM) London were the masterminds behind taking on the project of reducing weight yet keeping the car's integrity high enough that it would cope on the track. #Megacold distributed the S&A water chiller that is now keeping this printer cool 24/7. Their 3D Printer was tasked to print the carbon fibre parts for the Mini including spats, spoiler, parts of the interior and wheel arches.

An S&A water chillers capabilities of keeping a tooling machine running at a regulated temperature helped to achieve the final results here. It's great to know the projects our customers are involved in and how they use the #waterchiller!

Watch the 3 design highlights video on YouTube:



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